I have been testing my blood glucose for over 23 years, which means I have pricked my fingers more than 50,000 times. That makes me an expert in lancets and lancing devices. Recently some companies have started making their lancets much thinner. Does it make blood testing more comfortable or convenient? You decide.

For the past several years I have been using the standard OneTouch device (pictured below) that came with my meter and BD Ultrafine II lancets.

I have spent the last 2 months testing with the OneTouch Delica lancing device and lancets (pictured below). The device itself is the best looking device on the market. It is polished, sleek and smaller than most other lancing devices. [The Delica lancing device was supposed to come with a OneTouch UltraMini meter I recently purchased but for some reason it was missing. A quick email to OneTouch and one was in the mail.]

Now I don’t listen to the good advice from the manufacturer and change the lancet every time I test-but you should. Judging by this recent survey, neither do most of you.

I typically change the lancet when it hurts or doesn’t draw blood. With the BD Ultrafine that means about 3-4 weeks (or 150-200 tests).I wouldn’t call my standard blood test comfortable, but it doesn’t bother me.

The Delica is very different. The lancets only last me 3-5 tests before they will not get through the calluses on my fingers. For me, this is both a plus and a minus. I don’t like changing my lancet once a day or more and it means I have to re-prick more often. The good part is after only a few months, I have noticed the callouses on the tips of my fingers start to diminish.

New Delica lancets definitely hurt less than new BD Ultrafine II lancets (and every other lancet I have used).

The Delica has a 33-gauge needle compared to 30-gague in BD’s Ultrafine II (the larger the gauge, the smaller the needle). OneTouch claims their device reduces vibration so the lancet goes in and out smoother. I found this to be true. The first time I used the Delica I hardly knew it hit my finger. It drew plenty of blood for my meter to be happy.

Should you switch? If you are someone who changes their lancet about once a day, I highly recommend the OneTouch Delica. It is virtually pain free and has even allowed my fingers to start healing from years of abuse. If you are someone who changes their lancet once a month, there is no clear answer. If it will annoy you to change the lancet so often, you may want to stay away. If you want softer fingers, give the Delica a try.