I have health insurance. I also have type 1 diabetes, a fact my health insurance would like to ignore.

As this is a new insurance company for me, three weeks ago was the first time I ordered insulin through their mail order pharmacy. My endocrinologist sent the prescription over and I assumed I would get some insulin the next week. What was I thinking?

I kept waiting and waiting. When I didn’t hear anything after a week and a half I gave them a call. “Yes sir, it is on it’s way,” I was told. When I asked for the tracking number and they couldnt find it I became (more) skeptical. I figured since they always overnight insulin I would just wait a day and see what happened.

I waited a day, and another, and another. Ok, maybe I forgot about it. After 3 more days I got a voicemail from the pharmacy telling me I cannot get insulin through the mail because I have never ordered it before. I first have to get a one month supply through a local pharmacy. I asked why. There was no definitive answer but the closest to one I can decipher is they want to make sure this is the right drug for me. (If it isn’t I only have one month, not three.) That would make sense if I was diagnosed yesterday, but I have been taking the same insulin, almost the same dose since 1996.

I can (almost) understand making me jump through hoops on a drug I won’t die without but come on guys. I can’t ween myself off like Halle Berry claims to have done.

Thank you insurance company for making my life a little harder this week. At least you didn’t deny me like my last insurance company telling me “Insulin is not a medical necessity.”

When will health insurance companies understand I don’t want to take medicine but I want to live a healthy life? Leave a comment about your most recent health insurance fight.