In the summer of 2010, founder, Ken Kotch traveled the country photographing people with diabetes who don’t let it stop them, with the goal of publishing a book with their photos and stories.

The project has grown from there into something much bigger.
The mission of Broken Pancreas is to make sure that no dream goes unfulfilled because of diabetes. Broken Pancreas provides education to people of all ages about prevention and management of diabetes through:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle programs in elementary and high schools
  • Scholarships for youths to attend diabetes summer camps where they can learn how to overcome perceived limitations of diabetes
  • Educational seminars for those diagnosed as well as their families and friends
  • Information on the latest diabetes-related news and technologies
  • Creating a community and providing an outlet for people to share their stories

Diabetics accomplish extraordinary things everyday, from setting world records in cross-country races to saving lives in service of their country.

Broken Pancreas inspires diabetics to never settle for ordinary.

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