Small Advances Big Bills NYtimes

Small Medical Advances. Big Jumps in Bills. [NY Times]


The New York Times this morning posted an article on the financial cost of small advances in diabetes treatment.

One of the most bothersome quotes to me is:

Drugs and equipment makers operate in a global market, and our costs are higher because every other country applies price controls, and we don’t.           -Robert J. Shapiro, an economist and chairman of Sonecom L.L.C., a Washington-based financial advisory firm

What do you think about the way things are heading? Leave a comment with your ideas.

Click HERE to read the article.

  1. Ann-Marie DiGennaro
    Ann-Marie DiGennaro09-07-2015

    I am alarmed by the rising costs of diabetic medications and durable medical equipment. And I am affected by several health conditions. Each month I dread going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. Mail order through my medical insurance company would save me some money but it must be paid upfront rather than in monthly increments. It is high time for the free market ideology of the USA to give way to one that is concerned more with the medical consumer as opposed to the pharmacology / medical equipment company.

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