Telcare Blood Glucose Meter

Are you tired of calling your child’s school nurse to check their lunchtime blood sugar?
Not a fan of recording your results?
Telcare sure thinks so.

Telcare is the first FDA-approved meter on the market that automatically uploads every reading to a personal online portal, making recording numbers and sharing with parents or doctors a breeze.

How does it work? It connects over cellular networks and currently works anywhere with a GSM network. (Roaming charges apply outside of the US.)

Here’s an adventurous video of Telcare in use.


  • Telcare is easy to use with intuitive controls
  • The large color display makes it easy to read and interact with
  • Telcare is the most accurate meter I have ever used. Testing twice in a row (to calibrate my Dexcom CGM) usually produces the same result twice. Try that with any other meter
  • The support team is great to deal with. Every email has been answered within hours, and sometimes they even call to respond to my questions
  • They have an insurance checker on their website so you know what is covered before you buy.
  • Did I mention it is cellular enabled? Your results are automatically uploaded. In my testing the upload takes between 1 and 30 seconds. The graphs are great (see below)
  • You/ caregivers can look at trends, readings, etc online and via Telcare’s free iPhone app (Android app coming soon)
  • Currently, if you are a Telcare user, you can call the company and have them add SMS messages to your account. Every time your child tests, you get a text with the result. In the future there will be more options like getting an SMS saying: your child tested, was really low, was really high, etc.


  • Compared to other meters, the battery isn’t great. It lasts a few weeks if you turn it off after you use it. The good part is you charge it via mini-usb (charger included) making it easy to find a charger on the road
  • While it isn’t cumbersome, it’s not small either. The meter is about 4″ by 2 1/2″. I prefer the size of something like the OneTouchMini
  • Cost can be prohibitive. Most meters on the market are free or in the $20 range. Telcare is $149.95 without a contract and $99.95 with a contract (which requires you use at least 4 vials of strops per quarter)
  • The FDA’s rules currently don’t allow you to edit tags (ex: you marked pre dinner and want to change it to post dinner). Telcare is working on a solution for this

The Bottom Line:

  • If you want/ need easy, more accurate readings, Telcare is for you
  • If you don’t like recording your blood sugars or your doctor wants to see more, Telcare is for you
  • If you are a parent or caregiver and want to know when your child tests without picking up the phone, Telcare is for you
  • If you want a company that stands behind its product and is always striving to improve, Telcare is for you
  • If you like writing down blood sugars and want to steer clear of new technologies, look elsewhere

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