Diabetes Didn’t End The Run


This morning I received a wonderful email from a diabetic runner in Serbia. He sent me a finish line photo from one of the 2 marathons he ran in 2010. (below).

Ninoslav was the first diabetic from Serbia to run a marathon, write a blog and speak on television. Since his first marathon in 2007 Ninoslav has run 10!

Ninoslav, you are an inspiration.
Check out his website (and have google translate ready!)

Nino crossing the finish line at the Twin City Marathon

Nino crossing the finish line at the 2010 Twin Cities Marathon


Bib numbers from Ninoslav's 10 marathons

Bib numbers from Ninoslav’s 10 marathons

  1. Ninoslav

    Ken, I hope that your book will have pictures of diabetic people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter what colour skin you are or what religion that you belong to- diabetes is the same for everyone. Only united we can ‘win diabetes’.
    We are all winners!

    • keggen

      I also hope the book will include people from all over the world. The more we work together, the closer we are to beating diabetes.

  2. Cathyccathy

    Hello Ken, just read your piece in Diabetes Health. I would love to see/read your book. I have had type 1 diabetes for 39 years, am 48 (look younger!). Diagnosed in 1973 age 9, used glass syringes that my mum had to boil in a saucepan. I follow the DAFNE regime, it’s great. I work in a busy hospital eye department, I have to battle daily with nurse colleagues who say “you can’t eat that”, one nurse said I was a bad diabetic because I ate things I shouldn’t. I try to teach them, but they don’t listen unfortunately. I have ups and downs, I sometimes worry about my future health but on the whole I feel great. I have 2 wonderful kids, a great hubby and am very proud of my 39 years being a pin cushion!!! Just joking! Cathy, UK.

    • keggen

      Thanks for the comment Cathy.
      39 years! You are almost at the half century mark. Keep it up.

      The book is still in the works. Version 1 will be an eBook, initially released on iPad. Then it will move to other devices.
      We have been working hard and making lots of progress.

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