“In 1972, when I was two, my mother noticed that something was not right.  I kept asking for water.  She told my father that was not normal, bought a Family Medical Guide and diagnosed me as diabetic.  My father thought she had lost her senses, but she insisted… “Patrick, 2 year olds do not want water!  They want juice or milk.  NOT water!”  So she took me to see Dr. Thomas Flynn and told him, “Erin is diabetic.”  He too thought she was a little off her rocker, but he ran the blood work and, sure enough, Mom was right.  My brother was diagnosed about two years later, when he was one and a half.”

Her parents taught Erin and her brother that there was nothing they couldn’t do.  The family traveled the world—all 7 continents—between 1984 and 1990.  Erin has been to 104 countries and her brother’s total exceeds hers.

There are those who see diabetes as a debilitating disease.  Erin and her brother were taught that diabetes is a manageable disease and that “the world was our oyster.”


Erin is an artist.  She works full time as a mom to her two children and for an insurance company, but it is her art that defines her.  She is a demonstrator for a company that makes rubber stamps. Every month she teachers a “Stamp Camp.”

“I have anywhere from five to twenty-five women sit in my dining room and I teach them about rubber-stamping: techniques, tips, card design and gift design.”

She also designs and creates beautiful wedding invitations, birth announcements and party invitations.

“I love being creative. I like making the world more beautiful.”

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