“If you can do it without diabetes, I bet I can do it better with diabetes!  The more roadblocks, the better and the more interesting the story to tell later.”

Cary says the hardest thing in life is change, but that is what makes life interesting and worth living.  Change was not something Cary felt when he was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of four in 1988.  “I never really knew life before it.”

For Cary, the hardest thing to deal with is stress.  It cannot be measured like blood glucose or carbs.  “Preparing for a big meeting or getting ready for the start of a race, I can feel it, but it is so hard to measure and reproduce reliably.”


It seems like Cary is always preparing for that meeting or race.  When he is not working as a financial advisor, he is racing sailboats, competing in triathlons, skiing, or coaching NYC’s JDRF bike team: NY Crankees.  When he is not busy he says, “Bored? Go for a run!”

Cary has seen technology move drastically forward in his 20+ years with diabetes.  Years ago it was glucometers.  Today it is patch pumps.  Tomorrow it will be combining pumps and CGMs to create a closed loop system.

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