Alycia knew she wanted to be a doctor from a very young age.  Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on President’s Day weekend in 1992 didn’t stop her.

Alycia has always been inspired by her Mother’s cousin, Anthony Minnefor, who was a leading researcher in Pediatric HIV and infectious diseases.

“I grew up hearing about all the things he did,” including research that contributed to the discovery that HIV can be transferred from mother to child.
“Many of the physicians I trained with trained under Anthony.”

Alycia is now a pediatrician in McKee, an underserved town in Kentucky about 45 minutes from where she lives.  A typical day could range from a regular checkup of a child getting ready for school to a life-threatening foot infection.

For her, the hardest thing about living with diabetes is when it’s 10pm, her blood sugar is high, her insulin pump is empty and it’s been a difficult day.  The extra steps make everything worse.

“Most of the time, it’s routine but when you have that really bad day, it swings the other way.”


In addition to juggling the responsibilities of work and diabetes, Alycia is also pregnant.  Before she and her husband Kevin started trying, they met with a high-risk neonatologist.  They went through all of Alycia’s blood sugars, lab results and discussed the risks at length. At the end of the conversation, Kevin said, “What I’m looking for here Doc is a go or no go.”

The doctor said, “Go.”

Alycia gave birth to Declan Joseph on September 8th.  Mother, father and baby are healthy.

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