Team Broken Pancreas New York City Marathon 2013

On Sunday November 3th, 2013, Broken Pancreas will be running the ING New York Marathon. Yep, 26.2 miles through New York’s 5 boroughs.
Of course you want to be involved. There are 3 ways to be a part of the monumental event:

  • Join the team! Run with us. Broken Pancreas is allowed 6 spots in the marathon. Want to be one? Send us an email and we’ll send you all the info you need, maybe more.


  • Not a runner? Can’t make it to NY? Be a virtual runner! Get all the karmic points of being a runner/fundraiser from the comfort of your own home. Just sign up like you are going to run and let us know you are virtual in your bio. (Don’t worry, you still get a race t-shirt.)


  • Donate to your favorite team member! Can’t decide? I know it is hard to choose. Just flip a coin. It all goes to the same great place (and your donation is tax deductable).


    Here are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, send us an email or give Ken a call: 857.244.1536.


      • When is the Marathon? Sunday, November 3th, 2013.


      • What are the fundraising goals? We are asking each marathon runner to raise a minimum of US$2500. I know it sounds like a lot, but think of it this way, if 25 people give $100, you hit the minimum. If 50 people give $50, you hit the minimum. If 1250 people give $2 each…you get the point. $2500 also happens to be the NYRR’s minimum; we are just following the rules.


      • If I am $28.34 short in fundraising, what happens? You come run and have a great day and hold your head high knowing you raised $2471.66, then go ask 2 more people for a donation and you will be there.


      • I have never run a marathon. Someone told me I can’t because I have diabetes. What do I do? That is crazy. In third grade your writing teacher told you, “Show, don’t tell.” Apply that to this marathon and run your heart out!


      • 26.2 miles is a bit much for me. 13.1 miles is more my style. Can I run a half marathon? No. Well, kind of. On marathon day, there is no official 1/2 marathon. If you have to stop your run, we won’t be mad, but your goal should be 26.2.


      • Where does all the money go? As you know Broken Pancreas is a registered 501c3 charity with goals. To achieve them it costs money. Don’t like clicking links? Ok. I’ll tell you more here. Broken Pancreas loves diabetes camps. In 2012 we sent 2 kids to Camp Nejeda in New Jersey. With your help we are hoping to send at least 5 kids next summer (spread out over a few different camps). We think every kid deserves the chance to learn from his or her peers, especially when it comes to diabetes. We want to send some kids to diabetes camps so they can have all the benefits they deserve.
        Another goal is to create a curriculum for elementary and high schools to teach kids about what diabetes is and what it isn’t. We want to stop the myths before they ever start. This is also a place to talk about type 2 prevention and healthy living.Want to know our other goals? Well, you are going to have to click the link for that.
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