I can do that. Diabetes Blog Day


Today is diabetes blog day.
This year’s topic is: 6 things you want people to know about diabetes.
There are way more than 6, but here goes…

6. You can’t catch it.
5. I don’t have it bad, I don’t have just a little. I just have it.
4. Yes. I can have salt. In fact I can have sugar and anything else too.
3. No one knows why I got it. Not enough research has been done. It is not because I ate too much sugar.
2. Blood glucose readings are not a judgement. They help me make a decision on my next step.
1. I can do anything you can do…better.


Leave your top 6 in the comments.


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  1. Kelly kaighn
    Kelly kaighn12-02-2010

    6. Camp nejeda isn’t just for kids, adults benefit and learn too!
    5. Finger sticks don’t hurt as bad as it looks.
    4.’s not a beeper.
    3. Insulin doesn’t make you smell like a hospital.
    2. Type I is very different from Type II.
    1. (I’ll steal yours) I don’t have it bad or a little. I just have it.

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