How often do you replace your lancet?


Of course all of our Doctors tell us to replace the lancet before we test our blood sugar every time. We are also told to use an alcohol wipe or wash our hands before.

I remember when I was first diagnosed with diabetes washing my hands, cleaning my finger with an alcohol wipe AND changing the lancet every time I checked my blood. Those days are long gone.

How often do you change your lancet?

  1. fellowT1

    Haha! I rarely change my lancet and only use alcohol when I am out of the country or I can see dirt on my hands.
    Along the lines of not heeding advice about testing: I received a pamphlet from my health insurance company about how to manage diabetes. One of the recommendations (and, after reading this I promptly put the whole booklet in my recycling bin!) was to alternate fingers for each test so you only stick each finger once a week. CLEARLY that advice was not meant for me. I test six times a day. Only testing ten times in a week would be a dream (or a nightmare that might end with ketoacidosis — depending on how you look at it). 😉

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