Meet Erin. She is a mother of two wonderful children, a wife and a leader just to name a few.

Every month she runs a ‘Stamp Camp’ night at her home, teaching women how to create their own home made cards. Wait until you see her work! Its beautiful, creative and one of a kind. If you ever need custom invitations or greeting cards, Erin is your woman.

Oh, and yes, of course Erin has diabetes.

Erin teaching a group of 15 or so women.

  1. Joan Malloy
    Joan Malloy08-20-2010

    Hi Erin. I too love rubber stamping and making cards. I have had diabetes for 54 years in October of this year. Keep on keeping on…living and loving stamping. I have a stamp and candy store combined right down the street from me..LOL. Nice place but have to stay away as I have so many stamps now-can’t afford any more(altho they do have sugar-free candy!!!) Take care and best of wishs. 🙂 Joani

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