Diabetes cure in sight…again


The Boston Children’s Hospital says they have found the root caused diabetes.
Rather then trying to treat the symptom, high blood sugar, this goes after the problem.
Dr. Paolo Fiorina says, “By identifying the ATP/P2X7R pathway as the early mechanism in the body that fires up an alloimmune response, we found the root cause of diabetes. With the cause identified, we can now focus on treatment options. Everything from drug therapies to transplants that require less immunosuppression is being explored.”

This is all great news and is a huge step forward in finding a cure to diabetes.
Call me skeptical, but for 25 years I have been reading that a cure is 5 years away. We are closer now then we were two and a half decades ago, but how close?

Fiorina said, “I believe it won’t be long before we can cure diabetes with a number of different therapies depending on the needs of the patient. Then, if the right screening techniques for diabetes could be developed, it would be entirely possible in many cases that we could prevent the disease from ever developing in children. The future of diabetes treatment is very exciting.”

Go here to read the Children’s Hospitals blog in this.

What do you think Fiorina means by, “…It won’t be long…?” Leave a comment.

  1. Rmanjr12

    So true! I was dx’d in 1991. A cure has been 5 years away since then!!!

  2. Mike

    I was diagnosed in 82′ it was 5 years then… Not holding my breath. Drug companies and insulin pump manufacturers make too much money off this infliction. Maybe they’ll find a better way to control it.

  3. karen

    I was Dx’d in 1982, told within 5 years! i’ll believe it when I GET it!

  4. Marnie DeWulf
    Marnie DeWulf06-16-2013

    I can only hope that the cure is around the corner, just not too sure which corner.

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